Nö York | Nay York

Hybrid / 26 Minutes


Two young girls escaping to New York.

One is filming, the other one is looking for some opportunities.

A city of thousand streets and the very question where you want to go.  



Director & Script: Vera Bückner

Cinematographer: Vera Brückner

Producer: frankly films // HFF Munich//  Annelie Boros

Editor: Frank Müller

Sound: Annelie Boros

Sound Design: Andrew Mottl

Music: Jonas Braun


Cast: Henrike Commichau, Agnes Decker, Linnéa Hinkel,

Cooper Koch, Krysten Wagner, Grant Kretchnik, Jerrell C. White, Danielle White, Rebeca Mathews, Aaron Arens





Max Ophüls Preis

Saarbrücken 2019

Whitney Houston Biennale

NYC 2019

Short to the Point 2019