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Selected Work

Endlich Unsterblich


Shot  230-V01.E2176270_1AF041AF041A1V-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.230_edited.jpg

How does good pop work? How does one build an entire career instead of just being a hype for a few weeks? 

Florian Paul and his band want to find out. Because in the music industry, standing still means downfall.

Sorry Genosse



Germany 1970: Students Karl-Heinz and Hedi try to find a way to be together from across the Iron Curtain, with her in the East and him in the West. Under pressure of the GDR's secret police, Karl-Heinz can't move to East Germany and eventually Hedi has to leave the country. Her escape, disguised as a holiday trip to Romania, goes wrong in many ways.

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 13_edited.png
Nö York


Two young girls escaping to New York.

One is filming, the other one is looking for some opportunities. A city of thousand streets and the very question where you want to go.  

Mars Closer



„We have made our peace with the fact that we are not coming back. We are the first ever people on another planet. We are now interplanetary.“ In 2024 a private organization plans to send a group of four people to Mars. Paul Leeming and Pauls Irbins are both shortlisted candidates for the planet’s first human settlement.
The mission is going to be a one-way trip.

whats happens...


A kaleidoscopic glimpse through the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology. 



130222_DS_0581 copy.jpg

Vera, born in 1988, is a German director and author with a passion for storytelling through film. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Photography and Design, she further honed her skills and earned a Diploma from the University of Television and Film Munich.

Vera's cinematic journey has graced international festivals such as Berlinale, Visions du Réel Nyon, CPH:DOX, Cannes Short Film Corner, IDFA, Montreal World Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Shortfilm Festival, and DOK Leipzig. Her work has taken her across the globe including Japan, Latvia, the USA, Turkey, Mexico, and beyond.

Notably, Vera's films have garnered acclaim and recognition, earning her multiple awards.


Her versatility extends beyond directing, as she also writes, edits, consults, and occasionally serves as a cinematographer for both her own projects and collaborative endeavors.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Vera currently serves as a jury member for the German Short Film Award.

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