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Feature Doumentary | 2024

Director of Photography | Felix Pflieger & Florian Strandl

Montage | Frank Müller | Amparo Mejías

Production | Südkino GmbH & Bayerischer Rundfunk

Funded by FFF Bayern 

How does good pop work? How does one build an entire career instead of just being a hype for a few weeks? 

Florian Paul and his band want to find out. Because in the music industry, standing still means downfall.


Frontman Florian has to work on new songs between tours and gigs, which his band, all professionals, critically evaluate first.

His songs are not just called "Zeitgeist" (spirit of the times), but they also resonate with every age group. The concerts are going well. Only Florian's aversion to social media often makes life difficult for him, as success seems closely linked to it today.


We travel on tour through Germany, to castles, fast food restaurants, Wuppertal, and to the club where the Beatles once played. We fly to Mexico to write new songs and then record them in the studio in Berlin. Hoping that this time maybe there's a hit among them.


About searching and finding music and what it means to be a musician today.

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Shot  95-A001C005_2V01.E2171979B814V-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.95.2
Shot  230-V01.E2176270_1AF041AF041A1V-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.230.2
Shot  162-V01.E21760B1_199D8199D89D3V-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.162.1
Shot  71-V01.E217603E_1946719467D1AV-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.71.2
Shot  20-V01.E2176019_1929D1929DDFEV-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.20.1
Shot  6-A003C001_2V01.E2171951AAAAV-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.6.2
Shot  2-Source PacV01.E2171B884659V-ENDLICH_UNSTERBLICH_PL_Color2_1.2.2
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